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Museum in Residence

I'm taking part in the Museum in Residence at Southwark Cathedral with my work Deep Fraud

Museum in Residence is a not for profit, itinerant, cooperative museum with a pocket-sized, contemporary art collection donated by artist members

The collection holds works by a network of local and internationally based artists in a wide range of mediums such as photography, painting, sculptures, video and performance. The museum's intention is to encourage a trans-national sustainable circulation of artworks, to foster cooperation and to bring people together to experience and enjoy artworks in the flesh. By showing the collection in different countries, spaces and situations, new narratives and new readings emerge that contribute to develop the museum's history.

Founded in 2020 by Martin Cordiano and Lizi Sanchez, Museum in Residence will present its collection for the first time at Southwark Cathedral in the heart of London.

Museum in Residence will be on display in Lancelot's Link from 3 July - 19 July.

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